The only book club curated for your child's life.

Get hand-picked books tailored to your child's experiences -- delivered and picked up from your door.

How Storytime works.

Pick up to 4 topics and get a book for each -- plus a Storytime favorite. Read as long as you want. Buy or return for more.

An example shipment from the Storytime kids book subscription showing the best books for teaching kindness, confidence, sharing and black leads.

You pick topics that matter in your child's life. We send great books. Return and repeat.

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Get books on topics you and your child love.

Pick from 40+ topics that encourage your child's social-emotional learning and help them process major life changes. No Storytime bag is the same because your child's life and experiences are unique.

picture of a shipping box with a return symbol representing that Storytime kids book club lets you try before you buy and send back books you don't want to keep.

Buy, borrow, or both!

Read the books for as long as you want and send them back (or buy the ones you love) to get more. We don't have due dates or late fees. Your books are delivered and picked up directly from your doorstep for maximum convenience.

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Get savings that cover your monthly membership cost.

Get access to $75+ in books per month for $20. Plus, have the option to buy books below Amazon pricing, and the savings per shipment will more than cover your monthly membership.

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Pause or cancel online anytime.

Going on vacation or just need a break? Easily pause or cancel your membership online at any time or let your shipment credits accrue - you can request shipments on your schedule.

Why our members love Storytime.

Access the bookshelf that evolves with your child.

Pick your Storytime plan:

Storytime isn't just another book club.
Learn why we're different.

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We have answers.

Your monthly membership fee allows your family the opportunity to read and enjoy the books for as long as you want, without committing to buying any of them. We’re different than other try-before-you-buy book clubs that require you to return the books within a certain timeframe or be charged for all of them.

For us, this fee helps cover our curation, shipping, book inventory, and processing costs. Oh, and you’re making a big difference by supporting our 1-for-1 giveback where for every subscriber we donate a membership to a wonderful foster family.

We currently offer two age ranges: 3-5 and 5-7. With that said, our collection mostly consists of early and advanced picture books. We know children who are both younger and older than those age ranges and absolutely love picture books, so join if your child does!

Have mulitple kids, but in different age groups? No problem! Simply pick an age group for each book on your shelf. We're happy to mix and match age groups with each shipment!

Our team reviewed thousands of books to find the best of the best (and we’re reading more every day). Of these, about 20% ultimately make it into our collection. We don’t have special deals with publishers on books we select. We truly scour anywhere and everywhere to find the best books we can.

As long as you want with an active membership! Feel free to read and enjoy the books as long as you’d like. On either plan, you can keep up to five books at home and send one or all of them back when you’re ready for more.

If you find a book you just can't part with, you can buy it at the displayed discount and open up a new slot on your virtual bookshelf immediately to request a new book!

Absolutely! Once you create your account, you'll be directed to your virtual bookshelf. From there, you can peruse the topics we offer to see if they're a good fit for your family. You won't be prompted to start your membership until you request your first shipment.

We have a growing collection of topics that cover values, big events in your child’s life, and skills your child is learning. We choose our topics based on customer feedback and we're feverishly reading books to add more topics! If there’s a topic you wish we had, just scroll to the bottom of your virtual bookshelf and enter your suggestion or email us at!

Yes! We include an option to buy each book in your bag. Each bag is guaranteed to have $20+ in savings over Amazon, which more than covers your monthly membership fee if you choose to purchase all of the books.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page or email us at and we'd love to help!

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For every subscriber, we sponsor a gift membership to a loving foster family in the Orange or LA County area. Studies show that foster youth face challenges with social-emotional learning, often due to trauma experienced early in life. We sincerely hope that these families can use Storytime as a tool for encouraging their children’s social-emotional growth and make a positive difference in the lives of these children.