About Storytime

Why did we start Storytime?

It's simple, really. To make every story count.

It’s no secret that reading books with your kids is one of the best things you can do. Study after study has shown that reading with your kids boosts brain development, improves language and cognitive skills, and inspires creativity. That’s why so many of us read to our children every single night. But how much thought do we really put into what we read to our children?

A Storytime subscription makes your nightly routine even better. You can read better books. You can use that time to help your child prepare for and understand their ever-changing life. You can read stories that spark meaningful conversations. You can have new content cycle through your home. You can do all of this while lessening the clutter and waste of owning too many books. And you can save your precious time from sifting through tons of books at the bookstore or library.

This is what Storytime was created to do—we make your nightly routine engaging not just for your child, but for you. We read 1000s of books to find only the best stories. We find stories about topics that help you and your child navigate life. And we let you choose the topics that matter to you at the moment, catering book selections to your child’s life.

The fundamental beliefs that underpin Storytime are:

Stories help parents teach their children.

It’s hard to explain the world to kids in words they understand. They can ask such simple questions about the complex world. Why was this kid mean to me? Why does that kid look different than me? Stories are a way for you to answer these questions through the lens, experiences, and feelings of other characters. Children bond with these characters and thus their stories, remembering and reflecting on them.

Parents need a service that’s flexible because their children are changing constantly.

Children grow up so fast, and every child’s experience is different. The first trip to the dentist. The first exposure to bullying. The unexpected loss of a loved one. None of these events are on a standard life timeline that we can map out in advance. Having the right books at the right time can help you work through these issues as soon as they come up.

Parents want quality books, but don't have the time to find them.

Having the right book at the right time is important, but having the right quality book can make the story all the more meaningful. Sifting through blog site after blog site and review after review for book recommendations takes a lot of time. And it’s likely time you don’t have. We find the best stories to help parents tackle important issues with their children (so you don’t have to spend the time doing it).

Parents don’t necessarily want or need to keep every book forever.

Not every children’s book is one that needs to be on your shelf forever. As you’ve probably experienced, a child might want the same book be read every night (and sometimes multiple times each night!) for two weeks straight and then never want to read that book again. Children’s interests and what engages them can change by the minute. Sometimes parents just need a book to get a particular point across or address a particular issue at that time.

We’re so excited to share Storytime with you. We’d love for you to join the Storytime community, or we’re happy to answer any questions you have. Email us any time at hello@getstorytime.com.